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Montignac Diet

The Michel Montignac Diet is ideal for people who eat out regularly. He promises that those who do the diet do not have to make any more restrictions when eating especially if they eat the right kinds of carbohydrates (with a low glycemic index).

Montignac claims that excess weight is not caused by eating too much but rather by eating the wrong type of food. His theory: "Eat in order to lose weight".

The Montignac Diet evolves around insulin and blood glucose levels. The Montignac Diet suggests a selection of foods that help keep the blood glucose levels low in order to suppress hunger. It is important to separate fat and protein from carbohydrates on the Montignac Diet. Fruits and milk are also not allowed to be eaten in combination with other foods.

Exercise is not regarded as useful during the Montignac Diet.

Montignac considers carbohydrates in bread, potatoes and pasta to be the root of all evil when it comes to putting on weight. These carbohydrates cause the blood glucose levels to increase rapidly.


The Montignac Diet Cookbook,
Michel Montignac

Evaluation of the Montignac Diet:

"Going out to dinner and losing weight at the same time - wouldn't that be nice! However, without giving up certain foods you will achieve nothing with this diet. Such declarations which sound so reasonable and sensible always come along with hair raising explanations." ("Stiftung Warentest " - a German Consumer Foundation - Comparison of 80 diets)

  • Behavioural changes are not addressed or tackled in the Montignac Diet.
  • The amount of fat and protein of the recommended foods is very high and does not correspond to the general recommended nutritional proportions.
  • The theory that "sport does not make you thin" is contradicted by almost all nutritionists.
  • Not all of the carbohydrates labelled as "bad" on the Montignac Diet are necessarily unhealthy. Potatoes, pasta, rice or mixed grain breads are low fat and filling. These are essential foods and should not be excluded from any well-balanced diet.


Hungry Girl to the Max!: The Ultimate Guilt-Free Cookbook, Lisa Lillien

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