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Which sport is most suitable for me?

When choosing a particular type of sport it is important not only to consider the love of the sport but also fitness levels and any individual physical weaknesses which could hinder performance.

If exercise has not been done for a longer period of time, men above 35 and women above 40 are encouraged to go to the doctor for a physical check up before beginning an exercise programme. Physical exercise is, without a doubt, the best preventative measure against all civilization illnesses. However, initiating an overambitious exercise programme with an existing illness can be overwhelming and harmful for the body. The existence of for e.g. constricted coronary vessels or other heart problems may be unknown. A sudden strain on the heart could justify the phrase "Sport is murder".


You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises, Mark Lauren, Joshua Clark

Advantages of Being Fit

  • Exercise reduces the risk of getting arteriosclerosis (vascular constriction), heart attacks and apoplectic strokes.
  • Those who exercise regularly have lower blood pressure and a lower pulse rate.
  • Exercise prevents diabetes.
  • The heart functions more efficiently.
  • Life expectancy increases.
  • Osteoporosis is prevented as the physical load during exercise stimulates the bones to form new cells which make them more stable.
  • Exercise compensates for job-related and personal stress.
  • Immune defences function better.
  • Sleep is deeper and better.
  • The best anti-aging medicine is exercise.


Strength Training Anatomy-3rd Edition, Frederic Delavier

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