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Diets / Comparing and Evaluating Diets

Comparing Diets

This website portrays the most common diets and provides an evaluation of each one.

Please choose one of the above diets in order to view the information and evaluation of the diet. You will then be able to compare the diets by yourself.

Comparing diets is relatively difficult as there are so many different notions and theories. If you compare the different diet theories, you will come to the conclusion that the fundamental aspects are rather contradictory.

Criteria for the Comparison and Evaluation of Diets:

  • It is not sensible to compare the promised weight loss provided by each diet. Five pounds in five days is only possible if body fluids and body proteins (muscles) are broken down instead of fat.
  • Comparing diets with regard to the amount of time and effort needed to do the diet is sensible. If you spend half the day in the kitchen trying to cook complicated recipes and you have to deal with point systems or tables, it is almost certain that you will not complete the diet.
  • Comparing the varieties of groceries is important. All one-sided diets which exclude certain foods are unhealthy on a long-term basis. Not everyone is prepared, for example, to live on vegetables on a long-term basis. Is it possible for you to at least eat foods in the diet that you prefer?
  • Comparing the long-term effects of the diets is very important. You can lose weight in a more or less healthy manner with almost every diet. The problem is that most diets do not have a long-term effect. The yo-yo effect is just as well known as most of the diets on offer.


If you want to know why we do not have a positive opinion with regards to classical diets, please click here:

Why are diets rarely successful in the long-run?


The 17 Day Diet: A Doctor's Plan Designed for Rapid Results, Mike Moreno

Eat to Live: The Amazing Nutrient-Rich Program for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss, Revised Edition, Joel Fuhrman

Hungry Girl to the Max!: The Ultimate Guilt-Free Cookbook, Lisa Lillien

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