Why are diets rarely successful in the long-run?

Why are diets rarely successful in the long-run?

There is an infinite number of diets to choose from. Here is a brief overview of the most important diets: low-fat diets, fat-rich diets, fat burner diets, blood type diets, fasting cures, formula diets, fruit and vegetable diets, glycemic index diets, food-combining diets, high-protein diets, high-carbohydrate diets and "Psycho Diäten" - ich habe die Übersetzung nicht gefunden.

Have you tried going on some of these diets?

Were you successful?

All these diets guarantee a more or less quick weight loss. Unfortunately all diets have one thing in common. Regardless of whether it is a "lose 7 kg in 7 days" miracle diet from a women's magazine or a healthier diet.

You will not permanently lose weight.

It is generally known that one can more or less healthily lose weight with a diet. Weight loss is virtually guaranteed if one sticks to the regulations of the diet.

People are slowly coming to realise that this type of weight loss is not permanent. The yo-yo effect is almost as famous as the individual diets.

You have probably also experienced the yo-yo effect!

All the efforts you made came to nothing in the end. In the long-rung you did not get what you wanted.


What goes wrong?
Why are the results of a diet never permanent?

Those who develop and market the diets have identified the body as the culprit. The body resists against a loss of fat, reduces the basal metabolic rate and stores as much fat as possible after the diet, in order to be prepared for the next "hunger strike".

This reason is definitely true. However the second and very important reason is hardly ever mentioned.

If eating habits are not completely and permanently changed, the weight loss provided by a diet is not going to last long! If a diet is completed and former eating habits resume, it is almost guaranteed that the weight lost will quickly be regained.

The second reason for this weight gain after completing a diet is often never mentioned as it challenges the whole purpose of most of the diets.

An extreme example is the formula diets. One has to drink a diet drink about 5 times a day which is meant to contain all the necessary nutrients. During this diet, nothing is learnt about healthy eating habits. A weight gain is virtually guaranteed after completing the diet because there was no actual change in the diet. Many other diets make the same mistake. It is precisely specified what to eat and when. After completing the diet, one may know how to cook well according to specific recipes but a permanent nutritional change of the diet has not actually taken place.

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