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Fat Burner Diet

The Theory behind the Fat Burner Diet

According to the theory of the Fat Burner Diet being overweight is a bodily reaction which occurs when the body has an insufficient supply of vital substances. Fat cannot be broken down properly if the body does not have these vital minerals and so the fat gets stored in the body. In order to avoid such a deficiency, it is important to take so called "Fat burners". Fat burners include the body's own substances (hormones), vitamins, trace elements, enzymes and of course special types of food which contain high levels of fat burners.

Examples of such substances are enzymes such as papain from papayas or bromelin found in pineapples or isolated L-Carnitin. Even algae products or cider vinegar are sold as slimming agents in the fat burner diets. Vitamin C and magnesium, which are needed for the composition of metabolic stimulating hormones and enzymes, and linoleic acid, which increases the digestion of fat in the intestinal mucosa, all belong to the natural fat burners according to the fat burner theory.

Effect of the Fat Burner Diet

Fat burners are meant to stimulate the decomposition or the burning of fat to such a large extent that you automatically lose weight on the Fat Burner Diet if you eat enough of these substances.

The most effective fat burner is meant to be the growth hormone. It makes muscles grow, reduces fat and makes the skin firm.

One of the body's own fat burners is the "slimming hormone" glucagon which is released when you feel hungry and which stimulates the liver to extract glucose (corn sugar) by deducing fat from the cells when the carbohydrates from the last meal have been used up.


Evaluation of the Fat Burner Diet:

  • Enzymes are made out of proteins. Enzymes found in food are decomposed at the early stages of digestion by the stomach acids. For this reason, enzymes found in food do not have an effect in the body.
  • The growth hormone only plays a secondary role in the regulation of weight in adults.
  • Being overweight is not a bodily reaction to a lack of vital minerals but rather the body's expression of an affected energy balance.
  • The actual fat burning is not done by the fat burners but instead it takes place in the muscle cells. The fat cells do not change if the fat is not used in the muscle cells.


The 7 Principles of Fat Burning,
Eric Berg D.C.

The Total Belly Fat Burner: Imagine A Sexy You In 27 Days Or Less. No Gym Required. The New Best Seller - Get 2 Additional Bonuses, Jamie Fynn


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