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Sport Injuries: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Sport Injuries

Sport injuries are not only caused by insufficient use of equipment or foul play. The most common causes of sport injuries are insufficient preparation, wrong techniques and overestimation of one’s own abilities.

Avoiding Sport Injuries

  • A good warm-up
  • Avoiding jerky movements
  • Fatigue and exhaustions are warning signs of the body and should not be ignored.
  • Using proper equipment. This ranges from good trainers, protective gear for inline-skating all the way to the string tension on a tennis racquet


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First Aid for Sport Injures

Many sports injuries have similar symptoms. On the sports field it is often not easy to precisely determine whether it is a bruise, a sprain or muscle strain.

The following urgent measures are valid for all sport injuries:

  • Stop doing sport immediately!
  • Cool with ice (30 to 45 minutes). Never apply the ice pack directly to the skin and never apply it to open wounds!
  • Rest and elevate
  • Go to the doctor


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