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Formula Diet / Diets

"Formula Diets" is a collective term for powders drinks that are mixed with water or milk. They are meant to replace one or more meals a day. Formula diets are specific composed nutrient concentrations, according to legal regulation (§14 a Diet Regulation based on the EG Policy 96/8), which lower the energy supply to 700-1.200 kcal a day by drinking 4-5 portions in the form of milkshakes or soups. They contain prescribed amounts of the most important nutrients and if they are to be used as meal replacements they must be marked with the warning "Not allowed to be consumed over a period of 3 weeks without medical advice".

Examples of such diets are "Slim Fast", "BCM-Diet", " Modifast ", "bionorm", " Day-Fit", " Herbalife Formula 1", "Cambridge-Diet" and many others.

The body is supplied with 50g protein of high biological value each day with most of the formula diets.

If these formula diets are used exclusively, it is realistic to lose 8 to 12 kg in a month or 15 to 30 kg in 3 months depending on individual metabolism.


The Formula : A Personalized 40-30-30 Fat-Burning Nutrition Program

Evaluation of Formula Diets:

  • The main advantage of formula diets is the high rate of weight loss of ca. 10 kg a month.
  • It is not advisable to go on formula diets if a permanent transformation of eating habits does not take place as these diets bring about the yo-yo effect. The weight lost on these diets is usually only temporary. After weeks of the monotonous taste of the diet products, it is highly likely that old eating habits will return. You will then immediately put on weight because the body will still be using less energy.
  • The formula diet is suitable for obese people who need to lose weight quickly. The formula diets must, however, be done with the help and support of a doctor with an inclusive behavioural training. This is meaningful especially if the person intends on getting operated.
  • There is no artificial product that can substitute a well- balanced diet on a long-term basis. Such artificial products do not contain enough dietary fibres and this can interfere with the process of digestion.


The Perfect Formula Diet, Janice Stanger

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