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BCM Diet

BCM Diet

The BCM Diet is a formula diet offered by the PreCon Company and is sold by doctors and nutritionists. The aim of the BCM Diet is weight reduction as well as developing new long-term eating habits.

Implementing the BCM Diet

The phases of the BCM Diet:

  1. The start phase: At the first two days of the diet the participants get only BCM-formula drinks.
  2. The reduction phase: (6 to 8 weeks) Durung the second phase of the BCM-diet the diet consists of a mixed food meal and 2 BCM-formula drinks a day.
  3. The integration phase: (6 to 8 weeks): you choose your own two meals and one meal is to be replaced with a BCM Formula drink.
  4. Consultation: (3 to 5 years)

The BCM diet is supported by a long-term group consultation which has the aim of transforming eating habits on a long-term basis.


The 17 Day Diet: A Doctor's Plan Designed for Rapid Results, Mike Moreno

Evaluation of the BCM Diet:

  • BCM Diet: "The concept of this diet is recommendable for people who are really overweight (BMI over 30) and need inspiration at the beginning of the diet to succeed. Formula diets are neither necessary nor meaningful for those who are not extremely overweight." (Stiftung Warentest - a German Consumers Foundation - Comparison of 80 diets.)
  • A positive aspect of this diet is that participants can lose weight under the supervision of doctors. The quality of consultation of the doctors and nutritionists is to a large extent dependant on their personal commitment and their field of specialisation.
  • The BCM Diet is very expensive.
  • The BCM Diet Products do not show you how to lose and maintain weight on a long-term basis.
  • The diet products provide all the necessary vitamins and mineral nutrients but the flavour is rather monotonous.
  • Rapid weight loss is guaranteed by all formula diet programmes as the intake of nutrients is precisely determined.
  • Long term success is only possible if you learn how to create a healthy diet without using the dietary powder.
  • There is little consideration for the other causes of obesity which include lack of exercise and psychological reasons such as stress.


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