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Exercise Machines: Should I buy one?

Exercise machines are one of the most common bad investments. One day one all of a sudden realises that it is not quite possible to live healthily without doing regular exercise. So for a couple hundred Euros an exercise machine is bought. Theoretically it is really practical to exercise at home. THEORETICALLY. The reality is that in most cases exercise machines have proven to become one of the most expensive dust catchers in the household just a few weeks after purchase.

Why is it so difficult to exercise with an exercise machine at home?

  • It gets boring after a while to keep exercising with the same machine.
  • Exercising alone is not really fun.
  • As soon as it gets exhausting one tends to stop as nobody is watching.
  • If you have been unable to pull yourself together in the last years to do a regular workout then it is most unlikely that using an exercise machine at home will change your habits.

Should I buy an exercise machine?

Yes, if you have not had difficulty finding the motivation to exercise in the past but are unable for e.g. to find the time to go to the fitness studio because of your children.

No, if you do not like exercising and only have seldom spurts of energy to workout.

The Alternative: Millions of exercise machines are collecting dust. In many cases they are top quality machines. They are probably dozens of machines in your circle of friends that you can borrow from or buy for a loaf of bread. You should definitely first try out your neighbour's exercise machine to determine if your enthusiasm will last more than just a few weeks. If you are still exercising with enthusiasm after two months then it is worth investing in buying a top quality exercise machine. If this is not the case then you have saved a lot of money.


Exercising Successfully with an Exercise Machine

  • Do not place the exercise machine in an isolated room. It would be ideal to place the exercise machine in the lounge or in the TV-room.
  • Provide diversity and distractions for yourself when exercising:
    • Read a newspaper or a magazine.
    • Solve crossword puzzles.
    • Listen to music.
    • Watch television.
  • Set fixed times to exercise. Example: In the future only watch your favourite show on television if you are working out at the same time.


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Men's Health Home Workout Bible: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Burning Fat and Building Muscle


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