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Jogging is one of the most popular forms of exercise. Millions of people jog regularly. For many good reasons. Jogging is healthy, strengthens the cardiovascular system, prevents excessive weight gain and it is fun.

Advantages of Jogging:

  • Jogging is one of the healthiest sports. It strengthens the muscles and the cardiovascular system.
  • Jogging is ideal for increasing fitness levels and burning calories.
  • Jogging is very healthy and decreases the risk of getting civilisation illnesses.
  • The calorie consumption during jogging is high: about 700 kcal/hour.
  • Jogging is a good way of relieving stress.

Jogging is not recommended for those with a BMI (Body Mass Index) above 30 as it puts a high strain on the joints. In this case walking is much more appropriate than jogging.

Gear Needed for Jogging:

  • You should not try to economise when buying jogging shoes. In the long-run, bad jogging shoes can lead to joint problems. The heavier you are, the more important it is to have well cushioned shoes. A good pair of jogging shoes costs at least 100 Euros.
  • Heart rate monitor: A heart rate monitor is practical for avoiding overexertion.
  • Make sure to wear suitable sportswear. Functional high-tech sportswear is obviously ideal. Comfortable cotton clothing is also sufficient for moderate temperatures.
  • There is no bad weather – only unsuitable clothing.


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A Few Rules for the Beginning:

How to start running

Start slowly. Those who are less well-trained should alternate between jogging for 1-2 minutes and then walking for 1-2 minutes. In the beginning, you should try to jog for 10 to 20 minutes. As your fitness levels are increasing, regularly extend the workout time by a minute. The walking breaks do not change. Gradually increase the time to 30-45 minutes.

You should consult your doctor if you have not done any physical activities for a longer period of time or you have any health restrictions.

Do a jogging warm-up first!

Before you start jogging you should do a 10 minute warm-up. Jog with ease, in a relaxed manner and slowly to warm up. Less well-trained people should start with a brisk walk.

Stretch after jogging!

At the end, walk for 5 to 10 minutes. Do stretch and relaxation exercises particularly for the leg muscles.

How fast to jog

The right speed is an important prerequisite for effective endurance exercise. Jogging too quickly causes very quick exhaustion and therefore only has a minimal effect. Most people jog too fast than too slow. Try jogging at a speed where you could hold a conversation with no difficulty.

How long and how often?

Ideal would be to jog 3 to 4 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes. Beginners should start with 3 times a week for 10 minutes and gradually increase over time.

How to jog (Jogging Technique):
Posture When Jogging

  • Keep the back straight. When jogging, the head and the spinal column should form a straight line.
  • Tighten your abdominal muscles. This will help you to maintain the correct posture.

Motion When Jogging

  • When jogging, roll through the entire step from heal to toe!
  • Relax the shoulders when jogging.
  • Swing your arms energetically when jogging. This will help to balance your body when jogging.
  • Keep your feet parallel to the direction you are running in. Jogging in this way is easy on the bones, knees and back.
  • Do not clench your fists, keep your fingers loose. Clenched fists can cause cramping in the arms!
  • Breathe slowly and regularly.

Where to jog

Jogging can be done everywhere. Try to jog on grass and not tarmac. The shock absorption properties on grass surfaces are a lot better. It is important not to get bored when jogging. Try changing your route from time to time.


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