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Plastic Surgery

Commonness of Plastic Surgery

The number of plastic surgery operations is on the increase. Every year in Germany about 300.000 plastic surgery operations are carried out – tendency is increasing greatly. Currently every fifth plastic surgery operation is carried out on men.
The most common plastic surgery operation is liposuction, followed by breast implants and rhinoplasty (surgery of the nose).

Plastic Surgery Expenses

The expenses of mere esthetical operations will not be covered by health insurance plans. Health insurance will only cover the costs if a person’s appearance is far from the norm. It is possible to get health insurance to cover the costs if back pain is caused by very large breasts.
The complexity and expenses of plastic surgery operations vary from operation to operation.

Breast enlargement: ca. 5.000 - 6.000 EUR
Breast reduction: ca. 4.000 - 5.000 EUR
Nose surgery: ca. 3.000 - 4.000 EUR
Ear surgery/ ear pinning: ca. 1.500 EUR per ear
Face lift surgery: ca. 5.000 - 10.000 EUR
Eyelid surgery: ca. 2.000 EUR
Tear duct removal: ca. 1.600 EUR
Spider vein removal: ca. 100 EUR
Haemangioma (capillary-venous malformations) removal: ca. 350 EUR
Lip augmentation: ca. 350 - 1.000 EUR
Liposuction expenses are based on the problem area to be treated:
Thigh ca. 3.000 - 4000 EUR
Saddle bags starting at 2.000,-- EUR
Abdomen starting at 3.000,-- EUR
Knee starting at 1.200,-- EUR
Double chin starting at 2.000,-- EUR
Upper arm starting at 1.500,-- EUR
Hip region, male starting from 2.500,-- EUR
Ankles starting from 2.500,-- EUR

You can find more information on Liposuction on the page “Liposuction”

The Cheaper Alternative to Plastic Surgery

Expensive plastic surgery operations with the risk of getting unattractive scars and disfigurements are not necessary. You can also get yourself into shape in the fitness studio. Exercises targeting the chest, abdomen, leg and gluteal muscles can also help to improve your appearance. Losing weight can considerably increase attractiveness.


How do I choose the doctor/clinic?

The methods used are not the only important thing when assuring the success of a plastic surgery operation. The educational background and experience of the surgeon are a lot more important. His proficiency along with the methods he uses are decisive when it comes to the outcome of the operation. Above all, plastic surgery operations are medical – technical services, which must be carried out with precision, tactfulness and endurance.
There are different types of doctors. Many “plastic surgeons” are not plastic surgeons or doctors with the additional title “Plastic Operations”. A lot of them are dermatologists or internal specialists. You should always ask what qualifications the “plastic surgeon” has.
Most doctors who excessively promote plastic surgery usually only have one thing in mind and that is a financial gain.
It is better to be a little hesitant if the doctor makes unrealistic promises. “Get liposuction in the morning and go home in the afternoon 2 kg lighter” is simply impossible.

Plastic surgery operations: Risks. Should I really?

Ask yourself if plastic surgery is really necessary and if it is not possible to reach the desired target with a little bit of discipline and exercise. Plastic surgery operations are not as harmless as they are often portrayed on television. In addition to operational risks, plastic surgery operations cannot always guarantee the visual outcome. Unexpected complications can lead to disfiguring which sometimes cannot be corrected in a second operation without further complications.


The Smart Woman's Guide to Plastic Surgery, Updated Second Edition
Jean Loftus

Cosmetic Surgery For Dummies,
R. Merrel Olesen MD, Marie B.V. Olesen

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