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Everyone can be attractive

Just like beauty, attractiveness is very difficult to define. Attractiveness is actually only meant to refer to the attraction between two people. How attractive and for how long someone is attractive is not only dependant on physical beauty. Personality, attitude, ideals, self-confidence and social position are also important.
Attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder.

Attractiveness embodies our appearance and it also includes our personality, facial expressions, gestures, postureand voice.


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The more images of perfect beauty that we see each day in magazines, on television and at the movies, the greater our demands become on our personal appearance and the appearance of those around us.

What Men Find Attractive in Women:

  • Delicate facial features
  • long, silky hair
  • well-groomed hands
  • nice legs
  • full lips
  • radiant eyes
  • curvy and feminine figure
  • innocence
  • straightforwardness
  • sincerity
  • sociability

What Women Find Attractive in Men:

  • strong, square jaw line
  • athletic build
  • tight butt
  • strong willed
  • strong personality
  • power and influence


Survival of the Prettiest : The Science of Beauty

Beauty, The New Basics

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