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Slim = beautiful?

Does being slim make a person beautiful?

Nowadays, being slim is the dominant criteria for being attractive. Whoever is slim is beautiful. Whoever is slim is attractive for the opposite sex. It is therefore no surprise that many people want to be slim. The question is how can one become slim?

Who actually says whether someone is slim or not? Is a person slim if they weigh 45kg, 50kg or 60kg? There are many different opinions regarding the answer to this question. The media plays an essential role in defining who is thin and who is not. The TV stars are meant to represent the norm in our societies.

73% of men and 70% of women expect their partners to be slim.

Women in particular are expected to be slim not only by the fashion industry but also by society.

Who does not want to be or become slim, healthy and beautiful? Whoever learns reasonable eating habits and does the right amount of exercise (corresponding to one's physical ability) will be on the right path to losing weight and maintaining it.


Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out: Discover Secrets to a Slimmer, Sexier and Healthier You, JJ Smith

Strong Women Stay Slim




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