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Staying Healthy

Staying Healthy

Most people know their body’s strengths and weaknesses. Some people can tolerate all kinds of foods and eat what they please and others cannot. On the other hand, people with weak stomachs usually have better joints and do not catch colds as easily. Most people have figured out over time what their body’s strengths and weaknesses are and have developed strategies to compensate for the weaknesses.

Everyone treats their body differently. There are three different basic behaviour patterns:

  • The first group of people pay a lot of attention to the little signals that their bodies make. They react immediately and change their behaviour and living conditions until the body indicates that everything is alright.
  • The second group of people tend not to change the unfavourable conditions but instead try to balance out the conditions and avoid getting sick. They try to compensate the unfavourable conditions for the body by taking care of themselves, recovering and seeking medical help.
  • The last group of people ignore their body’s warning signals. Over time the originally weak signals become dysfunctions which eventually turn into illnesses. These people are usually only compelled to take care of their bodies when something serious happens.

No substance or behaviour is a completely definite risk factor. It usually depends on how often or how long something is done or used before it becomes a risk.

Take alcohol for example. Being drunk from time to time is not very harmful. However those who drink great amounts of alcohol regularly have to reckon with the consequences in the long run.


Staying health into old age

2 recommendations for a long and healthy life:

  • Listen to your body. The body gives various signals as soon as something is out of balance. It is important not to ignore these signals but instead to adjust your behaviour and living conditions until the body has found its balance again.
  • One of the oldest rules to stay healthy is: "Everything in moderation.” How often has it turned out that the alleged healthy diet and way of living was not so healthy after all? Just a few years ago a carbohydrate-rich diet was considered unhealthy. Today it is recommended. Vitamin E supplements and other antioxidants were, for a very long time, considered as medication against cancer. Today it is believed that these supplements actually increase the risk of cancer, at least with smokers. Our knowledge of the processes in the human body is still very incomplete and it will stay this way for years to come. Until then the best method is not to follow the latest trend but to live by the old saying “everything in moderation”. Movement yes, but not a marathon. Chocolates yes, but not the whole packet. Meat yes, but not too much. You cannot go wrong with a diverse diet that does not exclude anything or focus on one particular item.


Staying Healthy With the Seasons

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