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Dinner Cancelling

What is Dinner Cancelling?

Dinner cancelling is a term that is becoming more and more prevalent in anti-aging literature.

Dinner cancelling summarised in one sentence is; "not eating after 4pm.” That is all. Dinner cancelling is basically avoiding eating solidfood 14 hours before waking up in the morning. Therefore the rule of not eating after 4pm applies to most people. After the last meal before 4pm one is only allowed to drink calorie-free and non-alcoholic drinks such as water or herbal tea. Drinking a lot helps the body to get rid of any harmful substances. In dinner cancelling one is allowed to have an apple or a glass of milk with honey if need be.

As eating is a social event, be it with family, friends or business partners, one can eat after 4pm two to three times a week with dinner cancelling.

"Dinner cancelling" sounds fancy but it is simply an intensified variation of the old rule: “eat like an emperor in the morning, like a king in the afternoon and like a beggar in the evening”. Or as one says in China “Leave eating dinner to your enemies”.

This old rule has been medically assured by anti-aging doctors.

What effect does dinner cancelling have?

Dinner cancelling stimulates the nightly production of somatropin and melatonin. It is said that these hormones have the ability to delay or slow down the biological aging process.

Somatropin = HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

Somatropin helps to build up muscle mass and break down adipose tissue. Somatropin stimulates the immune system, improves memory, firms and tightens skin and connective tissue and improves sleep. Somatropin is primarily released by the body at night time.


Melatonin regulates the sleep-wake-cycle. Melatonin decreases the body temperature at night time, slows down cell division and causes the body to function at a slower rate. This causes the aging process to slow down.

Somatropin and melatonin are particularly produced by the body at a younger age. The release of these hormones decreases with age. Dinner cancelling serves to reactivate the production of these hormones.


Evaluation of Dinner Cancelling

It is promised that dinner cancelling helps one to stay young and fit in old age and to live a longer life.

Regardless whether dinner cancelling reaches the desired hormonal effect or not, one cannot do anything wrong with dinner cancelling. The medical administration of hormones is associated with a lot of risks whereas in dinner cancelling the desired increase of the body’s own hormone production is not harmful.

Furthermore, a positive effect of dinner cancelling is a reduction of the amount of consumed food. For many, a side effect of the dinner cancelling rule – fasting after 4pm – is a decrease in the daily consumption of food. It is particularly in the evening that many people eat unhealthy types of food. For example chips, beer and sweets. One of the biggest threats to the health is and remains eating too much food.


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James Forsythe

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