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Interval Training

Interval Training

Interval training is alternating between a short, very intensive period of exercise to a longer period of active recovery. Interval training does not only increase speed and endurance, it also increases the ability to recover quickly.

Interval Training and Breaking Down Fat

Studies have shown that more body fat is broken down during interval training or high-intensive endurance training than during lower intensity training. Yet another advantage of interval training is that the body continues to burn fat after exercise as it taps into the body’s fat reserves.


Men's Health: The Book of Muscle--The World's Most Complete Guide to Building Your Body

Starting Strength, 3rd edition,
Mark Rippetoe

Carrying Out Interval Training

High-Intensity Exercise Phase

The high-intensity phase is very short (about 30 to 90 seconds). During this phase, exercise is done with maximum intensity. Stop in due time so that you can continue exercising at a lower level after the high-intensity phase without taking a break. Stop in due time so that you can continue exercising at a lower level after the high-intensity phase without taking a break. It is important to reach your maximal work load during the interval and that you stay on this level for a short time.  

Recovery Phase:

After the high-intensity exercise phase is a much longer phase in which the intensity level of training is considerably lower. This phase lasts as long as it takes for the heart rate and breathing to return to normal. (Heart frequency 50 to 70% of maximal heart frequency.) Only afterwards can you begin the next high-intensity exercise phase.

After a while you will know exactly how long and how intensive each high-intensity exercise phase should be and how long your body needs to recover. We are not convinced by exact prescribed time schedules for the high-intensity exercise phase and the recovery phase. The recovery time varies from person to person. Stiff training according to certain specified time can easily lead to overstraining. Listen to your body!


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