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                Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) - USA - Vitamins and Mineral nutrients
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Biotin (Vitamin H)

Biotin (Vitamin H) helps to transform food into energy. It is also needed for cholesterol and fat metabolism.

Biotin: In-depth

Biotin, sometimes referred to as vitamin H, also belongs to the vitamin B complex. As a cofactor, biotin activates enzyme reactions which play a central role in metabolism. They are important for the formation of glucose, the composition and decomposition of fatty acids and for the break down of amino acids.

Biotin is also produced by the bacteria of the intestinal flora; however this only represents a small component of the overall human requirement of biotin.

Biotin: Requirement, deficiency, oversupply

Recommended dietary intake of biotin according to the DGE*




19 - 25

30-60 µg

30-60 µg

25 - 51

30-60 µg

30-60 µg

51 - 65

30-60 µg

30-60 µg

over 65

30-60 µg

30-60 µg

*Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung - a German Nutrition Society.

Biotin is found in almost all foods and only small amounts are needed by the body therefore it is does not really play a big role in the diet plan.

The symptoms of a biotin deficiency include weakness, nausea, loss of hair and depression however a deficiency is relatively seldom. It can occur for e.g. to people who eat great amounts of raw eggs. The egg white contains a bond (avidin) which inhibits the effects of biotin in the body. Avidin is no longer able of inhibiting biotin in the body as soon as the egg is cooked.

There are no known harmful side effects of an excess dietary intake of biotin.


Biotin in Food

Biotin is found in liver, egg yolk, brain, rice, oats, wheat germ, nuts, champignons and Soya beans, tomatoes, spinach, potatoes, fish and wheat.

Biotin in 100 g food:

Chicken egg: 25 µg
Peanuts: 34 µg
Beans: 7 µg
Wheat germs: 17 µg
Oats: 20 µg
Rice: 12 µg
Liver: 27 - 130 µg

Units: 1,000,000 µg = 1 g


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