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Treadmill: Advantages, Disadvantages, Tips for Exercise


A treadmill enables you to jog or to walk without having to leave the room. The energy consumption is comparable to normal jogging or walking.

Tips for Exercising with a Treadmill

  • Always start the workout at a slow pace.
  • You should only get onto a treadmill if the running belt is stationary or moving very slowly.
  • Only use the arm-rests at the beginning. You should let go of the arm rests as soon as you are used to running on the treadmill, otherwise you will burn fewer calories and move unnaturally.
  • Always look forward and concentrate on jogging. Do not turn around. As soon as you stop looking forward, there is a great risk of stepping off the side of the running belt and falling.
  • You should always wear good jogging or walking shoes even on a well-cushioned treadmill.


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Advantages of Treadmills

  • One is not dependant on the weather. Bad weather is not an excuse not to exercise.
  • The load is easy to adjust.
  • Treadmills have cushioned surfaces and do not strain the joints as much as hard tarmac.
  • The load can be altered anytime by increasing or decreasing the tilt angle.
  • One does not need a jogging route.

Disadvantages of Treadmills

  • It gets boring quickly.
  • Relatively loud and monotonous noises
  • One cannot read on the side.
  • You are not moving about in the fresh air.

Quality Criteria for Treadmills

  • A powerful motor runs more quietly and constant. The continuous power rating of the motor is decisive.
  • Size of the running surface: A bigger running surface decreases the chances of falling which in turn makes the workout more comfortable.
  • Cushioning: not only important for back and knee problems but also for heavy runners
  • Electronic or manual regulation of the inclination:
    Electronic regulation makes it possible to alter the inclination of the treadmill whilst exercising by pressing a button. This is more comfortable and can be used for different purposes.
  • Fold away or non foldable:
    A fold-away treadmill does not take up much space.
  • Volume: The volume of the running noise is very important for longer workouts.
  • Quality of the workmanship and stableness
  • Exercise programmes: Pulse controlled are advantageous


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