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Ergometer Bicycles: Advantages, Disadvantages, Tips for Exercise

Ergometer Bicycles

Ergometer bicycles are exercise bicycles that are stationary. There are two different types of ergometer bicycles: the first type of bicycle resembles a normal bicycle and the exercise is done in an upright, seated position; the second type is known as a recumbent ergometer with the legs stretched forward. The recumbent bicycles are slightly better for the back, as the back is resting on a backrest.

Tips for Exercising with an Ergometer Bicycle

  • Always adjust the bicycle according to your height.
    • Seat height: You should be able to touch the pedal, which is furthest away, with the entire sole of your foot with your knee only slightly bent.
    • Handlebars: Correctly positioned handlebars take some of the strain off your back.
  • Always step on the pedal with the entire foot and not just with the toes. Pedal clips make the exercise easier and should be used if provided.
  • Keep your back straight when exercising.
  • Always make sure that the ergometer bicycle is completely stable.


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Advantages of an Ergometer Bicycle

  • Ergometer bicycles are very effective for exercising the thigh muscles.
  • Ergometer bicycles are good for the joints and do not put a lot of strain on the knees.
  • Well suited for endurance exercise
  • One can read well whilst training.
  • One is not dependant on the weather and the availability of bicycle routes.

Disadvantages of an Ergometer Bicycle

  • One is not able to exercise outdoors in the fresh air.
  • Without a book it gets boring quickly.
  • Only the leg and gluteal muscles are exercised.

Quality Criteria for Ergometer Bicycles

  • Brake System:
    • Band brake system (A non-metallic strap brakes the flywheel) and callipers brake system (likes the brakes on a bicycle). Evaluation: Both have a loud and noncircular motion which is not recommended.
    • Magnet-brake-system (the flywheel is braked by magnets) and the eddy-current brake system are quiet and have circular motions. Eddy-current brake systems enable a very exact load control.
  • Flywheel mass: The bigger the flywheel mass, the more constant and calm the course of the machine.
  • Exercise computer: The number of exercise programmes
  • Stableness and quality of the workmanship.
  • A comfortable, well padded and ergonomic seat.


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