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Crosstrainer: Advantages, Disadvantages, Tips for Exercise


Whilst most exercise machines mainly focus on exercising the leg muscles, crosstrainers exercise the upper body as well.

Tips for Exercise with a Crosstrainer

  • Pay attention to your posture. Stand up straight. The body should be slightly bent forward.
  • Practice using the legs first before beginning with the arms.


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Advantages of a Crosstrainer:

  • It is particularly good for the joints because of the elliptical course of motion of the step surfaces.
  • Whole body workout: it exercises both the upper and lower body.

Disadvantages of a Crosstrainer:

  • Reading a newspaper on the crosstrainer is not possible.

Quality Criteria for a Crosstrainer

  • Flywheel mass: The bigger the flywheel mass the more constant and calm the course of the machine.
  • Noise emission
  • Quality of the workmanship and stableness
  • Exercise computer: The number of exercise programmes


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