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Origin of Yoga

Yoga is a meditational practice that comes from India and has religious origins. Certain postures (“Asanas”) have been known since the 2nd Century as yoga sutra.   

Forms of Yoga

There are different forms of yoga, e.g. the classical form “Hatah Yoga” with rather simple physical and breathing exercises as well as the more dynamic and more spiritual “Kundalini Yoga” which involves longer, deeper breathing. New forms of yoga such as “Power Yoga” combine the individual positions (“Asanas”). 

Yoga as Therapy

In the classical sense, yoga is not a form of therapy however it can certainly have therapeutic effects. The philosophy of yoga is based on appealing and responding to a human being in his/her entirety (mind and body). The main area of application or the main goal of the system is the prevention of illnesses. All three forms of yoga increase agility, improve the body’s blood supply and stabilise circulation. The regular application of yoga often causes psychological or physical well-being and it generally helps to maintain good health. 

According to experiences, the Swiss Yoga Society showed that practicing yoga regularly positively influences hormonal regulation, the nervous system and digestion. Furthermore yoga counteracts stress-related disorders such as high blood pressure, stomach troubles, headaches etc… enhances concentration and it brings about an inner balance. Yoga is recommendable for asthmatics as well as for people with back problems


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