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Autogenic Training

Autogenic Training: Basic exercises

  • Heaviness exercise: This concentrates on a specific part of the body, usually an arm or a leg. One of the formulas could be: “My right army is getting heavy.” This heaviness can later be transferred to other parts of the body and then be spread out over the entire body.
  • Warmth exercise: Similar to heaviness, it is suggested that a certain part of the body is feeling very warm. This soothing warmth can later be spread out over the entire body.
  • Breathing exercise: The formula could be: “My breathing is very calm.”
  • Stomach exercise: The concentration is directed to the upper stomach. During this exercise, the warmth is directed to this part of the body.
  • Heart exercise: The heartbeat becomes steady and calm by concentrating on one’s own heartbeat.
  • Forehead exercise: The formula could be: “My head is light.”

After a certain time of focusing on this feeling, the person carrying out this exercise will feel it. The body has reacted.

Those who have mastered these exercises often are able to deeply relax themselves within a few minutes – for instance at work during their coffee break. The ability to regenerate one’s own body is strengthened and in this way a feeling of equilibrium comes about.

During the exercising phase, it is meaningful to maintain constant time intervals. The body and mind adapt to a certain rhythm. At a later stage, getting into the relaxing mode is possible in only a matter of minutes. Autogenic training can be done at any time and any place.


Application of Autogenic Training

Autogenic training can be used for all kinds of symptoms and illnesses or even simply for general relaxation purposes. It can help with: stress, muscle tension, insomnia, cardiovascular problems, stomach troubles, asthma and migraines.

Autogenic training cannot be used for more serious conditions such as anxiety disorders, depression and hallucination. The perception and images can worsen the disease pattern by intense concentration during mental withdrawal.


Progressive Relaxation & Autogenic Training, Audio CD


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