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Washboard Abs - Tips

Optical Illusions - Tips For Getting Perfect Looking Abs

Optical Illusion - Washboard Abs-Tip 1:
Broaden Your Shoulders!

The broader your shoulders, the smaller your stomach looks. Therefore do not forget to exercise your shoulders and upper back to accentuate your washboards abs.

Optical Illusion - Washboard Abs-Tip 2:
Strengthen Your Back !

Weak lower back muscles can cause a hollow back. A hollow back causes the abdomen to protrude in an unflattering manner.

Optical Illusion - Washboard Abs-Tip 3:
Stretch Your Hamstrings !

If the hamstrings are shortened, the pelvis shifts backwards and the abdomen forward.


The New Abs Diet: The Six-Week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life

The Men's Health Big Book: Getting Abs: Get a Flat, Ripped Stomach and Your Strongest Body Ever--in Four Weeks, Adam Bornstein


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