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Washboard Abs - Exercise Machines

Exercise Machines for Washboard Abs

Electric Ab Stimulators:

The muscles are contracted by the weak current provided by electric ab stimulators. Cost: 200 to 500 Euros.

These machines are not really made for getting washboard abs. Above all the adipose tissue above the abs is not reduced. Expensive electric ab stimulators have only got a limited effect. Cheap electric ab stimulators are ineffective.

Ab roller:

The ab roller has proven to be worth while. The ab roller has a cushion which provides support for the head and neck. Inexperienced users are well supported during exercise.

The equipment is ideal for beginners. Costs: 40 to 100 Euros.

Abflex ( Ab Crunch Machine)

The pressure exerted on the stomach is meant to force the muscles to tense which in turn intensifies the exercise.

The equipment is not really suitable for getting washboard abs. Costs: 25 to 50 Euros.


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