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Muscle Strain: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Muscle Strain

Muscle strain is not only caused by direct impact but also by intense contraction followed directly by stretching.

Muscle strain can occur in every muscle in the body. The calf muscles are most commonly affected. The muscle strain is usually in the area where the tendon merges into the muscle.


  • Muscles are not properly warmed up
  • Overstraining the muscle
  • A direct blow to excessively contracted muscles


  • A muscle strain can cause a gap in the muscle, which is most noticeable when contracting muscles. This can lead to the formation of a lump either above or underneath the injury.
  • The affected person complains of a sudden pain for e.g. in the shin and it feels like someone kicked the leg from behind or stabbed it with a knife.
  • Pain with pressure, relieving posture, bruising and limited movement are further symptoms.



If the injury is not properly treated, there is a risk that several of the muscle fibres scar over. As a result the muscle loses its elasticity.


  • Keep it cool
  • Keep it elevated
  • Go to the doctor!


The Athlete's Book of Home Remedies: 1,001 Doctor-Approved Health Fixes and Injury-Prevention Secrets for a Leaner, Fitter, More Athletic Body!, Jordan Metzl, Mike Zimmerman

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