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Magnesium is found in the bones and teeth. It is important for the transmission of nerve impulses and muscle contraction.

Magnesium: In Depth

Magnesium is present in almost every cell in the body. The human body contains about 30g of magnesium. About 50 - 60% of it is found in the bones and teeth. The rest of the magnesium in our bodies controls many enzymatic reactions, in particular those involved in the production of energy. Magnesium is needed to help synthesis the body's own protein as well as for carbohydrate and lipometabolism. Magnesium also plays an important role with the transmission of impulses from the nerve to the muscles as well as for muscle contraction.

The intake of magnesium is affected if the diet is high in fat and calcium and lacks vitamin B1 and B6.

Magnesium: Requirements, Deficiency, Oversupply

Recommended intake of Magnesium according to the DGE*




19 - 25

400 mg

310 mg

25 - 51

350 mg

300 mg

51 - 65

350 mg

300 mg

over 65

350 mg

300 mg

*Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung - A German Nutrition Society

The daily magnesium requirements are normally covered in a healthy diet. Competitive athletes and people who partake in a lot of physical movement need more magnesium. Sweating can result in a loss of considerable amounts of magnesium which needs to be supplemented. A magnesium deficiency can be caused by laxatives, diarrhoea and stress.

Symptoms of a magnesium deficiency include cramps, muscle spasms, bad utilisation of food, disturbance of growth and the calcification of blood vessels, kidneys and cartilage.

The body can regulate its magnesium levels very well. Excess magnesium is excreted from the body. Too much magnesium causes diarrhoea.


Magnesium in Foods:

Magnesium is found in almost all foods, especially in whole meal products, sesame, Soya and many herbs.

Magnesium in 100 g Food:

Oats: 140 mg
Wheat germ: 285 mg
Wheat bran: 490 mg
Multi-seeded bread: 70 mg
Soya beans 220 mg
White beans: 140 mg
Cashew nuts: 270 mg
Sesame seeds: 340 mg
Sunflower seeds: 420 mg


The Magnesium Miracle, Carolyn Dean

The Magnesium Solution for High Blood Pressure  

The Magnesium Factor,
Mildred Seelig, Andrea Rosanoff


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