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The Novafeel Weight Reduction Programme

Rating by Stiftung Warentest:

"Our opinion:
A really good programme for weight reduction which aims at achieving lasting results. The e-mails, which have many practical tips, sent to participants several times a week help to regularly remind them about their intention to lose weight. This means they remain focused."
In short: A very good concept.
Translated from: Stiftung Warentest, Test Spezial: 90 diets evaluated for you, p. 106, 5/2005.

Stiftung Warentest, a non-profit organisation, is Germany's consumer watchdog and has been testing products and services ever since 1964 when the German Federal Government first introduced it. It rates the quality of products and services on a scale of “very good” to “poor”. The results are published in the magazines Test and FINANZtest.

The authoritative German testing centre Stiftung Warentest acknowledges the excellence of Novafeel Weight Loss Programme.

The Problem About Losing Weight

You have probably been on a diet before. You were motivated and committed to keeping the diet. Each day you prepared the recipes exactly as prescribed and firmly said “No, thank you”. You jogged and went to the gym. While it appeared to be successful, the extra pounds lost with so much effort were back again after a short while. After a while you are back at square one and are planning the next diet. Or have you quietly given up and do no longer believe that you will ever lose weight?

It is difficult to change dietary habits that you have had for years or even decades. And this rarely happens by going on a diet.

The Novafeel Programme – Our Solution

We are not convinced that a diet can help you achieve lasting weight loss. That is why we have developed the Novafeel Weight Reduction Programme. The Novafeel Weight Reduction Programme has a different approach compared to the average diet. The Novafeel Programme helps you to take a look at the reasons behind being overweight and it does not only tackle the symptoms as most common diets try to do.

The reasons for being overweight are:

  • Wrong eating habits
  • Lack of exercise
  • Psychological reasons

Perseverance is a further challenge when losing weight. The desired weight can rarely be achieved within a week. Many diets are discontinued before completion. Our programme is most suitable for such people.

Our programme is based on three steps:

Step 1: To become aware of my current habits and the underlying causes.
Step 2: To accept suggestions of meaningful changes to my everyday life.
Step 3: To set concrete targets for myself and implement them in a planned and focused manner.

These steps are applied to the various parts of the programme.

We do not prescribe when you should eat what. Instead we encourage you to recognise your dietary habits and to improve them if necessary. We will assist you to adopt a healthier diet. You design your own diet and you will not have to starve. In this programme we will not make you count calories every day. It is obvious that we cannot ignore calories, however we do try to avoid giving you strict instructions. We do not give instructions like: “You are only allowed to consume 1000 or 1200 calories a day." We will also not simply exclude foods with more than 30% fat from the diet. A long-term dietary change can only work if you allow room for the occasional birthday party invitation and Christmas turkey. You do not have to purchase expensive dietary products or food items. The central phrase of this programme is: “Everything but in moderation”.

Fitness, exercise and sports: Even though you are promised it time and again – lasting weight loss without exercising does not work. We will get you fit again so that you will feel good about yourself again and also so that you can take on more in every respect. You will receive an individual training programme, which is adjusted to your weight, age and fitness level. We also take into consideration whether you have home trainers, whether you enjoy swimming, whether you have a pet or if you are a member of a gym, etc…

Relaxation Techniques and Coping With Stress
Stress, loneliness and problems make many people consume more food. The relaxation techniques and anti-stress exercises we offer are meant to assist you to get rid of the causes for overeating.

This is not a fast road to success and calls for your readiness to change. However it is only in this way that you can achieve lasting success.

What We Are Not:

This programme is not one of the numerous miraculous diets, which guarantee weight loss in your sleep without making any effort. Miracles are very rare.

We do not offer a diet plan but instead try to show you how you can manage a healthy diet by yourself.

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Why E-mails?

One of the unique aspects of this programme is that you will receive it in the form of individually designed emails. You will receive an e-mail three times a week. These e-mails will accompany you each step of the way on your journey to losing weight.

Advantage of e-mails over books:

  • A 40-year old housewife who has not done any exercise for a long time receives different e-mails than a 20-year old man who may be very fit but has a poor diet.
  • You are likely to persevere more easily. Even if a book is convincing it might quickly end up on your bookshelf and be forgotten there. The e-mails appear in your inbox and keep reminding you about the target you have set for yourself.
  • A party or stress in the office may often make you forget all your good intentions. Set backs are a part of life. With any normal diet there is a real danger that the diet may be discontinued under such circumstances. The regular e-mails however will help you to find your way back to your original target much more easily.
  • You remain anonymous. You do not have to expose yourself to any person or group by revealing your personal problems.

Outline of the Programme

  1. After you have recorded your diet for a week (when, what, why) the evaluation follows. Why do you eat what when? Which changes make sense?
  2. Depending on your fitness we will gradually bring you back into shape. Exercise should be fun and not torturous. Even after a short period of time you will have much more energy.
  3. Towards the end of the programme the main emphasis will be on stress, habits and other psychological causes of being overweight.

Apart from that we offer the following:

  • On your very own homepage you can view a track record of your success throughout the programme.


Our TV-Fitness-programme is particularly popular. One does not have time or feel like doing exercises every day. For such days we have developed TV-fitness. No matter how little time you have, you can always find some time for watching TV. TV-fitness involves strength training and stretch exercises which can easily be done while watching TV. If we all spend an average of more than 3 hours a day in front of the TV we can use this time and put it to good use. These exercises offer several advantages. During the exercise you can watch TV without being disturbed. The TV also serves as a distraction. The exercises do not make you get bored easily. The more capturing the programme is the longer you will persevere. The typical excuse: Today I do not have time can hardly be used for these exercises.

Some the of exercises of the TV-fitness programme are animated:

Have we aroused your interest?

Do you want to achieve lasting weight reduction with our assistance?

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