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Tinnitus = Ringing in the Ears

About one million people in Germany have tinnitus. Those particularly affected are people whose hearing has been damaged by noise or those who are stressed. The tinnitus sound can be a hissing, ringing or whistling sound. The tinnitus sound is triggered by damage to the sensory cell and the nerve tract. For this reason the tinnitus noise can only be heard by the affected person.


Tinnitus: Turning the Volume Down

Self-Help for Tinnitus

If the sounds in the ear are not too loud, it helps sometimes to listen to quiet background music. It is best to listen to music that has a particularly high frequency with a low bass.

Treatment of Tinnitus

A medical examination is mandatory in order to determine the cause of the tinnitus. However the cause for the tinnitus can not be established many cases. There is no cure for most people who have tinnitus but lessening the symptoms is possible. Only acute tinnitus is curable. Relaxation techniques have shown to be effective against tinnitus.


Tinnitus: Questions and Answers  

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