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Inline Skating: Training

Inline Skating: Training

Find a well-constructed route with few pedestrians and traffic lights.

Do not forget! Every training session includes a 10 minute warm-up before skating and a cool down at the end of the session.

Inline skating training can be done using the constant training method or the interval method. The constant training method is more ideal for burning fat whilst the interval method is slightly more adequate for increasing performance levels.


Get Rolling, the Beginner's Guide to In-line Skating, Third Edition

Inline Skating with the Constant Training Method

Training with the constant training method is done with an almost constant pulse.

According to your fitness levels, begin with 2 to 3 training courses of 15 to 20 minutes.

After a few weeks increase the time to 60 minutes. You should increase the time over a period of about 8 weeks.

Your pulse should be about 50 to 60% of your maximal heart frequency if you are not very fit. Well trained skaters can train with a pulse of 60 to 70% of maximal heart frequency.

Inline Skating Training with the Interval Training Method

Interval training involves alternating regularly between slow and quick phases. The pulse can fluctuate between 65 and 90% of maximal heart frequency. After a quick phase, skate so slowly that the pulse drops to 60-70% of the maximal heart frequency. Only then should another quick phase follow. The physical load is too high and needs to be reduced if your pulse needs more than 3 minutes to go down.


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