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Inline Skate: Wheel Rotation

Inline Skates: Wheel Rotation

There is often a problem when trying to rotate wheels on inline skates. Hardly have you removed the wheels before the question "which wheel belongs where" arises . For this reason, we suggest the following: mark the wheels before rotating them so that they do not get mixed up. Use a pen to mark the surface of the wheels. After the next time you go skating the mark will no longer be visible.

After rotating the wheels simply fix the wheels on according to the marking and the wheel rotation is complete. Just make sure that the side previously facing inwards is now facing out.
R1= Right front
L4= Left rear

Wheel Rotation


Why rotate the wheels?

For longer life wheels should be rotated regularly as the wheels get more worn on one side than the other.

The inside edge of the inline skates wears out faster than the outside edge. The abrasion is particularly high if you break with the T-Stop. Furthermore, the wheels become more worn out in the middle than in the front or the back. Everyone has a "strong" or a "weak" leg. Therefore the wheels on the "stronger" side are going to be more worn out.


Get Rolling, the Beginner's Guide to In-line Skating, Third Edition


Inline!: A Manual for Beginning to Intermediate Inline Skating

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