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Fat Blockers e.g. Xenical

Medications of this type have not been around for too long. The active substance Orlistat (trade name Xenical ®) blocks the lipase enzyme in the intestine. Only one third of the fat in the foods will be absorbed by the body. The remaining two thirds of the fat is not absorbed but eliminated in bowel movements in the form of flatulence or diarrhoea. In this way the amount of fat in the food determines the amount of fat in the stool which makes the consumption of Xenical only possible with a low-fat diet. These so called fat blockers work in the intestines as a result of the blocking of fat-digesting enzymes. They are barely absorbed into the blood.

You can experience digestion problems especially in the beginning if too much fat is consumed, because all the undigested fat is excreted with the stool. Certain experts and patients have described this process as beneficial because the users become more aware of the amount of fat they have eaten and if their diet has too much fat.

Orlistat reduces the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A, D, and E. The loss of vitamins must be compensated for if Xenical is taken over longer periods of time. There are no results of a long-term study of Orlistat.


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