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Diet Pills

Diet Pills

Many women's magazines advertise diet pills and guarantee that they are effective. Diet pills are the secret wish of all people who are overweight. An effective diet pill would make it so simple. No irritating diets, no starvation and one can even carry on eating all the unhealthy forbidden foods. Simply take one pill a day and become thin and eat anything the heart desires.

Unfortunately, there are no effective and harmless diet pills.

In this context, we will not go into the variety of miracle diet pills that are on offer. If there was a diet pill that reduced fat in a harmless way and allowed one to eat as much as possible without putting on weight, it would be known world wide and there would be no need to advertise it in magazines. Those who wish for an effective diet pill and believe that such a miracle pill exists, are simply seeking to waste their money.

The only diet pills that are, to a certain extent helpful, are diet pills such as Xenical, certain appetite suppressants only available on prescription and bulking agents.

Appetite suppressants and bulking agents can lessen feelings of hunger but hunger is rarely the cause to being overweight.


Evaluation of Diet Pills

  • Even if there were harmless diet pills, they would not provide a solution to the problem. Diet pills could, at most, tackle the symptoms. One of the consequences of such diet pills would mean a life-long dependency on such pills.
  • A diet pill does not change patterns of behaviour. One of the problems of the diet pills is that the moment one stops taking the diet pills, lost weight is put back on.
  • The good over the counter diet pills are ineffective. The bad diet pills harm the body if taken over a long period of time.


The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet, Robb Wolf

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